Radiation Urologic Reconstruction

Posted On 2023-01-06 14:59:22

The modern urologist is adept at diagnosing prostate cancer as well as discussing and prescribing the various treatments. One of these treatments, prostate radiation, has significant immediate and late side effects that make long-term management of these patients difficult.

AMJ series on radiation urologic reconstruction
Lucas Wiegand

Review Article
Narrative review of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for radiation induced hemorrhagic cystitis
Robert Dieu, Kevin Heinsimer

Clinical management of radiation cystitis: a narrative review
David J. Abramowitz, Jonathan N. Warner

Review of the current management of radiation-induced ureteral strictures of the pelvis
Pooja Srikanth, Hannah E. Kay, Adan N. Tijerina, Arjun V. Srivastava, Aaron A. Laviana, J. Stuart Wolf Jr, E. Charles Osterberg

Evaluation and management of urinary retention after pelvic radiation therapy
Zachary R. Burns, Vijay M. Vishwanath, Brian Ceballos, J. Patrick Selph

Literature review on the efficacy of treatments for urinary incontinence in irradiated vs. non-radiated men treated for prostate cancer
Jennifer Griffith, Lucas Wiegand

Recalcitrant posterior urethral stenoses: a narrative review of refractory bladder neck contractures and vesicourethral anastomotic stenoses after treatment for localized prostate cancer
Ruth Blum, Steven Brandes

A review of radiation-related malignancy in the pelvis
Lauren C. Linkowski, Brandon J. Manley, Peter A. S. Johnstone, G. Daniel Grass

Frontiers in post-radiation urologic reconstruction; robotic surgery and near-infrared fluorescence imaging
Amr A. Elbakry, Michael M. Pan, Jill C. Buckley

A review of the role of prostatic artery embolization in the management of post-radiation prostatitis
Nainesh Parikh, Brandon Manley, Julio Pow-Sang, Kosj Yamoah

The series “Radiation Urologic Reconstruction” was commissioned by the editorial office, AME Medical Journal without any sponsorship or funding. Lucas Wiegand served as the unpaid Guest Editor for the series.